Honda Vezel Hybrid

Honda Vezel Hybrid is one of the topmost choices of many new car owners looking for an un-struggling but frugal car. This model doesn’t sound like a 1.5L car; it is very quiet, reliable, feels promising and offers that oomph when you cut off a torquey taxi.

Why Is Honda Vezel Hybrid Our Top Pick?

The Electric A/C compressor of Honda Vezel Hybrid lets you sit in the car cooling off without a need to run the engine, while an Electric AWD keeps you planted even when you are powering through corners – impressive stable feel and low body-roll for an SUV. There is an adequate torque to feel like you’re in the cousin CRV. It also offers a very comfortable seating position and advanced cabin feel.

Most of the car owners have found the ride absolutely pliant and smooth. Engine is smooth as the start off is electric and then followed by engine. For the cruising and traffic acceleration, the ride doesn’t sound strained. We have found its sound proofing much better than the model S or X of the petrol version.

While Honda Hybrids previously fell back behind Toyota, most of the key fallbacks have been fixed in this series of Honda Hybrids. Honda Vezel Hybrid doesn’t look dull at all, it is not made with the electric assist motor that we fancifully term “Rex” and fix to the BMW i3, the engine auto turns off if you are slacking in congested traffic and eventually comes with the exclusive A/C Compressor.

For look-conscious car owners, the model has pretty handsome front and back ends, coupe style silhouette having hidden back door handles and bright and functional LED headlights and LED backlights (hybrid).

The Best Features:

  • Hybrid is a novelty
  • Exterior and interior styling
  • Fuel economy
  • Decent rear legroom
  • Honda sensing
  • Silent engine and great sound proofing
  • It is extremely cheap to maintain and service
  • Enhanced safety with many airbags
  • You can take it to any workshop since its touted the National Car of Singapore
  • You can find an endless number of aftermarket accessories

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