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We drive integrity in the Singapore’s auto industry by being unique, eco-friendly and transparent in our business. Our mission is to serve as a one-stop-shop of high-quality, greener and more economical cars, with the underlying principles of innovation, adoption of the latest and modern green car technology and helping car buyers exploit the eco-friendly and economical auto solutions and technology.

Electric & Hybrid Cards Lead to Huge Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits is proud to be one of the few auto dealers and importers in Singapore that are transforming the perception of car buyers, educating them about green auto technology and helping them shift to the modern electric and plug-in hybrid car models, which are not just fuel-efficient but also help the conservation of earth’s natural resources. Electric and hybrid car buyers are able to gain huge cost saving in terms of fuel while keeping the environment healthy and pollution-free for all.

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The core of our business is to provide effective and efficient service to the customers nationwide seeking for green cars and technology. Our database contains the best and globally-recognized green car models manufactured by the leading international brands, along with insightful information that helps customers make their buying decision.  

At, our search engine lets you browse through and compare the electric and hybrid car models as per multiple criteria including engine, OTR price, CO2, car tax band, MPG and others. We are your ultimate partner if you are seeking a greener, fuel-efficient and economical car purchase from any of the following brands, currently available: VIEW OUR GREEN CARS

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